Saturday, March 7, 2015

Making the decision to ADOPT!

The day Tyler and I made the decision that we wanted to adopt was the day that we found out that LDS family services would not be doing adoption anymore. This was so heart breaking to us. We thought we had made our minds up about not proceeding with IVF and moving forward to start the adoption process but then we heard the disappointing news. There are plenty of adoption agencies out there, but we have heard a lot of awful stories about scams, things not working out, losing a lot of money, etc.. We did not know what agencies we could trust that were affordable (as much as adoption can be affordable). Most are way outside of our budget. With that being said we thought this meant that we were supposed to at least give IVF a try and then we would at least know that we did everything we could to conceive. We have never had any doubts about whether or not we should have given that a try.
When we found out the day before Thanksgiving in 2014 that we were not pregnant we were devastated. It was a really hard thing to go through. We are glad we followed through with the infertility journey, even though it did not work out the way we had hoped.
Recently the church announced that they would cover costs to place LDS families profiles on for free, which normally costs $200 a month. It's the number one website where people look to find someone who is interested in adopting. We became ecstatic about this! We would have never even thought twice about putting our profile up on that website with the cost alone. Today they had an open house up at the Joseph Smith Memorial building regarding adoption and were there to help and answer questions we had about the whole process. We are excited to announce that we finally have reached the decision to move forward with adoption once again! We will be having a home study done soon and then we will be able to put our profile up on the website. We want to thank everyone for their love and support and we are so excited to start this process and see where it will take us!